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☺️ Smile and the Whole World Smiles With You! 🎶

I was so excited to see Tom back at the studio on Saturday - his little smile is infectious! Unfortunately for me he had a touch of the holiday blues and wasn't much up for smiling though! Nothing that a few (very loud) renditions of his favourite nursery rhyme couldn't put right! I can still hear myself, his mum and his Aunty belting it out at the top of our lungs! What a hilarious shoot - and, more importantly, what a brilliant smile Tom has to match those of his cousins! A truly happy little family group!

tom-26_edited-2 copy.jpg

Smile and Let the Good Times Roll!

To say I had fun on this shoot would be a massive understatement!! I laughed so much my face ached the next day!! What good fun it was with a really happy family - and such wonderful photos for them to cherish!

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Precious Times..

It was so lovely to see this wonderful family again last weekend.  This has been our third photoshoot now and it has been amazing to see the family grow - something very special that my job allows me to capture.

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The Cutest Ride Out...Ever!

Oh, my goodness!! How absolutely adorable was tonight's ride-out! It looked so much fun, too! The delight on the kiddies faces was...well, a picture!

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Welcome to the World...

I love newborn shoots - especially capturing serene little moments like this between mother and daughter.  Bliss...

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Singing in the Rain!

The weather wasn't 100% kind to us at the weekend, but that didn't stop us having a grand old time splashing in the burn before getting some fun family pictures as the weather cleared!! This was a great little shoot - Grace was a photographer's dream - so smiley, happy and up for a giggle! 

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Seeing Double..

The last time I met these two gorgeous girls, they both fit very snuggly into a wicker basket for their photo-shoot.  It was great to catch up with them again for another photo-shoot.  Both are blossoming into such great little characters, that certainly kept me on my toes during the shoot!!

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Down on the River...

I had a great time photographing a family reunion at the Cuddy Bridge in Innerleithen at the weekend.  Family members from all corners of the globe came together for a break in Scotland, before heading back overseas.  I always enjoy being part of such gatherings - it is an honour to capture precious moments; cousins playing, siblings having a giggle and grandparents with those adoring glimpses at their grandchildren.

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Sister Act!

This is one of my favourite images from a family session this weekend! Love the cheeky grins and the pretty sparkly eyes - lush! 

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Hello, Theo!

Gorgeous little Theo came to visit me this weekend! A serenely beautiful little angel who slept through the entire shoot.  He pulled off some amazing poses - and totally rocked it!  What a little superstar!  Massive congratulations to his mum and dad once again!

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Welcome to the world, little Georgia!

Baby Georgia came to visit me aged just six weeks! She was completely alert throughout the whole shoot - keeping me on my toes! What a gorgeous bundle of fun she was to photograph.  I can't wait to catch up with her for her first birthday shoot!

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Sister Act!

I loved photographing these two sisters - they were a little double act and so much fun! We had a beautiful location that was just as bright and fun as their little personalities! 

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Sunny Days

Well, what a week we have had! It's really felt like the start of summer for most of us!

It was a delight to take full advantage and welcome back a lovely family that I photographed just over a year ago, when their little bundle of fun arrived! Now he is tottering around and exploring the great outdoors - making the most of the glorious sunshine on a beautiful spring afternoon!

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....A Little Boy with a Spring in His Step!!

What a brilliant outdoor shoot I had on Saturday!! Three lovely ladies (a mum and her two daughters) and Calvin - a very cheeky chappy who kept me on my toes throughout the entire shoot! What a little superstar....and oh, soooo cute!!!