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Back to Blue!

One of my favourite locations to shoot! And it was lovely to welcome back this lovely family for their shoot! We waited a year for perfect weather to make the most of this beautiful location!  Absolutely stunning :) As ever, a massive thank you to the land owners for allowing me to shoot at their property!

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It was the start of the wedding season for me last week - and what better way to start it than with a surprise wedding!!

May 1st was a special day in so many ways - it was wee Angus' Naming Day! I photographed Angus as a newborn and it was so lovely to see him all grown up with his friends and family around to witness his day.  Not only that, but his mum and dad sprang a big surprise on everyone by tying the knot too!! The celebrations were held at Ochiltrees, in the grounds of Abbotsford House, Melrose.

It was a day full of emotion and I am proud to have been a part of it to capture it for the family.  The day was truly all about each and every one of them.  Perfect attention to details with lego-men button holes, matching shades and fantastic Converse trainers.  There was lots of love, laughter and happiness.  A perfect day - congratulations once again to everyone and thank you so much for having me along!

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Sunny Days

Well, what a week we have had! It's really felt like the start of summer for most of us!

It was a delight to take full advantage and welcome back a lovely family that I photographed just over a year ago, when their little bundle of fun arrived! Now he is tottering around and exploring the great outdoors - making the most of the glorious sunshine on a beautiful spring afternoon!

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....A Little Boy with a Spring in His Step!!

What a brilliant outdoor shoot I had on Saturday!! Three lovely ladies (a mum and her two daughters) and Calvin - a very cheeky chappy who kept me on my toes throughout the entire shoot! What a little superstar....and oh, soooo cute!!!

Sunshine and Shadows...

I had a great weekend, working with the girls at Eribe.  The sun was shining and we had the marvelous garden at Bylands, their head office, to work with.

Thanks to their model for all of her hard work - and to Rosy and Veronique for making it all possible!

If you want to check out more of their fabulous knitwear, please take a look at their site!

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Black Swan


I've done a variety of images to mark Emilia's milestone six months.  I wanted to try something a bit different from the usual softly lit, pastel coloured baby photos that you see a lot of.  These were done on her sofa in her bedroom, using just one off-camera flash.  We finished off with a tongue-in-cheek shot to celebrate the end of part of my degree in environmental science :)

Emilia-Rose-408-editedEmilia-Rose-268-edited Emilia-Rose-164-edited Emilia-Rose-179-edited Emilia-Rose-220-edited Emilia-Rose-225-edited Emilia-Rose-242-editedEmilia-Rose-472-edited Emilia-Rose-465-edited