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The Cutest Ride Out...Ever!

Oh, my goodness!! How absolutely adorable was tonight's ride-out! It looked so much fun, too! The delight on the kiddies faces was...well, a picture!

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Let's Celebrate!

This weekend gorgeous Katie Rose helped me celebrate as my studio turned one!  It was also this very special little girl's first birthday too - so we had a great time tucking into a wonderful cake made by the fabulous Zoe Taylor!

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...then time after for a quick costume change! What a cutie!!

Cupcakes and Muddy Puddles!

I absolutely loved this little mini session!! These photographs were taken for a special little girl's second birthday...what a gorgeous bundle of fun she was to photograph! The weather hadn't been so kind to us, but that didn't stop a muddy puddle splash, Peppa Pig style, to finish off the shoot!

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Brotherly Love!

I met two very cute little people for a shoot this weekend! It was so lovely to see the proud big brother looking after his younger sibling as the shoot progressed :)

Autumn colours.....

I love the change of seasons and how it brings about so many new photo ideas and inspirations!

I spotted this little crab apple tree and thought the orange was very striking!! All I needed was a little volunteer...and she did enjoy playing in things she shouldn't have been afterwards! 

Late Summer Fun in the Sun....

Here's a fun shoot from earlier this week!! Let's face it, the end of summer is upon us, but there's still plenty to do outside! So, we took advantage of a good crop of apples in the local orchard! The boys worked really hard to collect some lovely apples for their mum...not sure how many made it as far as the pie, though!!

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