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☺️ Smile and the Whole World Smiles With You! 🎶

I was so excited to see Tom back at the studio on Saturday - his little smile is infectious! Unfortunately for me he had a touch of the holiday blues and wasn't much up for smiling though! Nothing that a few (very loud) renditions of his favourite nursery rhyme couldn't put right! I can still hear myself, his mum and his Aunty belting it out at the top of our lungs! What a hilarious shoot - and, more importantly, what a brilliant smile Tom has to match those of his cousins! A truly happy little family group!

tom-26_edited-2 copy.jpg

Smile and Let the Good Times Roll!

To say I had fun on this shoot would be a massive understatement!! I laughed so much my face ached the next day!! What good fun it was with a really happy family - and such wonderful photos for them to cherish!

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Precious Times..

It was so lovely to see this wonderful family again last weekend.  This has been our third photoshoot now and it has been amazing to see the family grow - something very special that my job allows me to capture.

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Stepping into Spring!

I had a great time with a fantastic family on Saturday - we were so lucky with the weather and it certainly felt like we were finally heading into spring.  We used the glorious surroundings of the Cringletie House Hotel, Peebles, which was in full bloom with beautiful Snowdrops.

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