Hanging about on a Sunday afternoon....

Well, I am back to work after the festive period - how long ago does that seem?!  I thought a good way to get back into the swing of things would be to photograph one of my favourite hobbies! I LOVE pole dancing - for the last 18 months I have been going to the Watermelon Studio in Edinburgh.  I have met some amazing people, made some great friends AND got myself fit and achieved something in the process!

I have wanted to photograph some of our beautiful poses for a while.  Perfecting these poses takes strength and commitment.  Two of my friends show them off perfectly! So, on Sunday afternoon we got to it.  We transformed my tiny bedroom into a makeshift studio.  Space was at a premium, so we were a little restricted with lighting and poses.  A black background worked perfectly, along with reflectors and flashguns.  I think we have pulled of some great shots!

I will certainly photograph more pole again in the near future...I can see an outdoor shoot in the making! But maybe we'll leave that one til spring!! 

Massive thanks so my pole pals and to everyone at Watermelon for teaching us such a beautiful sport.

Sister Act!

This is one of my favourite images from a family session this weekend! Love the cheeky grins and the pretty sparkly eyes - lush! 

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Hello, Theo!

Gorgeous little Theo came to visit me this weekend! A serenely beautiful little angel who slept through the entire shoot.  He pulled off some amazing poses - and totally rocked it!  What a little superstar!  Massive congratulations to his mum and dad once again!

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Summer at Last!

Well, we have been having great weather recently!! Gorgeous sunshine - and it didn't disappoint for this wonderful family shoot! We had a great time and everything went perfectly! Great location, wonderful weather and above all, two adorable children that were a delight to photograph!

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A Thing of True Beauty....

A wonderful day was spent photographing The Flying Scotsman yesterday - here are two of my favourites and a few in between! My children waving as it passes south of Stow and over the mighty Forth Rail Bridge. Both shots completely worth the wait, it was magical and I must confess, I shed a tear or two. It was a magnificent sight and I am proud that I have been able to share it with my children! 

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Beautiful Little Eva....

What utter gorgeousness!! We had a completely natural shoot for little Eva - nothing too posed, just simple, perfect little detail shots that speak for themselves.

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Happy Birthday Dexter!

What a lot of fun it was to welcome little Dexter back to the studio! This time to celebrate his first Birthday!! I have photographed Dexter three times now, and he never fails to put a smile on my face!! What a cheeky little man he is! Hope you have a wonderful Birthday!!

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Tiptoe...through the Daffodils!

I had the most adorable photoshoot on Saturday! Everything came together just brilliantly - a lovely family, a beautiful little girl, a stunning location and the weather was just right - A perfect spring day for a perfect photoshoot! An extra special thanks goes to the landowner for allowing me to use such a stunning location!

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Everything's Rosie!

I love a good pet portrait!! Especially when that pet is a lovely, well behaved dog such as Rosie! She was perfect and made for a seamless shoot!! She definitely brought the sunshine with her!

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Happy Birthday Lewes!

Today was my little boy's first birthday!! We didn't do a cake smash - instead I took him out to the woods for a little adventure in the beautiful snowdrops!  He was full of soil by the end of the shoot - but that didn't matter, it was all good fun!

Let's Celebrate!

This weekend gorgeous Katie Rose helped me celebrate as my studio turned one!  It was also this very special little girl's first birthday too - so we had a great time tucking into a wonderful cake made by the fabulous Zoe Taylor!

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...then time after for a quick costume change! What a cutie!!

Mum's The Word....

I just love capturing those tender moments between parent and child; they're so special and deserve to be preserved for a lifetime!  This shoot was wonderful - full of love and cute wee smiles! Love my job!