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🐶 Man's Best Friend

I loved this shoot! Mum, Dad and two gorgeous boys with their four-legged friend. A lot of photographers say 'never work with children and animals...'   'Why not?' I say! Not all good pictures are staged, they are a moment in time. Who cares if a dog won't sit still for a shot. We don't sit still through our lives, so why should a picture? It's about capturing precious moment that lasts a lifetime.

   Here is a selection of my favourite images from this great shoot - we had such good fun. The best part was when all three of the boys raced each other along the track - brilliant!

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caroline-family and dog.jpg

Sisterly Love

I just can't get over how adorable these two sisters were! I've always loved doing sibling sessions and this one was definitely one of the cutest!

Family Fun..

This was a gorgeous little shoot with a fantastic family that I have had the pleasure of photographing a few times now.  It is lovely to see how the beautiful boys are growing up!  There's nothing more precious than capturing those special moments!

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Family Bonds....

I had a wonderful family reunion to photograph this week.  Members of one family stretched across the globe came together for a happy family occasion and I was honoured to be able to capture some happy memories.

Many thanks for asking me along - I hope you all had an amazing time together.

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Sister Act!

This is one of my favourite images from a family session this weekend! Love the cheeky grins and the pretty sparkly eyes - lush! 

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A little bit of sunshine....

What a lovely sunny day (at last!) for a family photoshoot!  Really enjoyed this one!

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A Sea Of Blue....

I am so excited about this shoot from Saturday! The location was amazing and the family were just so lovely!  It's great when everything comes together! 

I owe a big thank you to the land owner for allowing us to use her wonderful woodland with all of its beautiful bluebells and glorious trees!

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