chocolate labrador

Autumn colours.....

I love the change of seasons and how it brings about so many new photo ideas and inspirations!

I spotted this little crab apple tree and thought the orange was very striking!! All I needed was a little volunteer...and she did enjoy playing in things she shouldn't have been afterwards! 

Against her ankles as she trod... The lucky buttercups did nod.


I've noticed this year how many buttercups there are! It seems almost every field nearby is filled with dancing golden flowers.  Since my little flower is six months old, I thought  would be nice to mark the mile-stone set against a backdrop of green and yellow - add one cuddly brown dog and it was the recipe for a perfect photoshoot!Emilia-Rose-6-months-814-edited Emilia-Rose-6-months-840-edited Emilia-Rose-6-months-025-edited Emilia-Rose-6-months-067-edited Emilia-Rose-6-months-093-edited Emilia-Rose-6-months-145-edited Emilia-Rose-6-months-175-edited Emilia-Rose-6-months-198-edited Emilia-Rose-6-months-229-edited Emilia-Rose-6-months-245-edited Emilia-Rose-6-months-314-edited Emilia-Rose-6-months-331-edited Emilia-Rose-6-months-408-edited Emilia-Rose-6-months-501-edited Emilia-Rose-6-months-538-edited Emilia-Rose-6-months-565-edited Emilia-Rose-6-months-676-edited Emilia-Rose-6-months-779 Emilia-Rose-6-months-810-edited