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Big Brother is Watching Out for You...

Anyone with an older sibling will know what I mean I say there is no other love like it. There are times when you fall out, fight like cat and dog, blame each other for something that the other did - the list goes on. But there are equal amounts of sticking up for each other, protecting one another and having each others back when it matters the most. I'm almost certain these two little guys will be no different. But it's impossible to hide how proud and protective this big brother was during the shoot and being able to capturing this makes my heart melt. Truly proud of his little brother in every single way, this is one big brother that will be a force to be reckoned with!

Jo - Lewis newborn - collage.jpg

Winner, Winner!

I couldn't resist a sneak peak of the recent photo shoot for the recent lucky Facebook competition winner and her lovely family. Despite the terrible weather, the autumn colours managed to stick around long enough to get some great family portraits.

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Shona autumn- winner collage.jpg

Daddy's Girl

I love capturing that special bond between a Daddy and his little girl. What made this session even more special was the fact that the little girl has been to the studio before for her own portrait session and is somewhat of a Vanilla Moon Photography celebrity! One of her pictures from her last shoot was awarded a Bronze Award by the Guild of Photographers. A true natural in front of the camera - and so amazing to see how grown up she is becoming!

Jo- dad session.jpg
Jo copy.jpg

Three's Company!

Three gorgeous siblings, cute as can be! I loved this session, it had a bit of everything! Tender glances from big brother, protective cuddles from big sister...and a beautifully serene moment with mum.

♥ Precious moments ♥

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Seeing Double...

It's so nice to welcome back clients for younger sibling sessions! I got to photograph baby Arlo at the weekend, with his very proud big sister.  I did her baby session at around the same age.  It's amazing how alike they are! Check out Eden's portrait from four years ago!

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A Terrific Trio!

I had another wonderful sibling shoot this weekend! Here's one of my favourite images, along with a cheeky close up of the newest member of the family!

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