Super Blue Vanilla Moon ๐ŸŒ™

"Oh, look Mummy!  Look at the moon!  It's like vanilla, a vanilla moon, Mummy"  These were my little two year old's words as she gazed at a beautifully shaped crescent moon, reflecting the most amazing hue we had ever seen.

It's sometimes the unexpected moments and fleeting comments that make the biggest changes in our lives. A simple observation by our little girl started the wheels in motion for the re-branding of what was then Jayne Wright Photography .... 

I love children's thought processes - not only was the moon within reach to a two year old but it had an essence and a meaning. The beauty of a child's mind for creativity ignited something in me that evening.  After all, it is that same creativity that I employ in my approach to every photo shoot that I have the honour of taking on.

A photo-montage of my little girl aged 2

A photo-montage of my little girl aged 2

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