Our Mummy-Daughter (and Dog) Day! Family Portrait Photography, Edinburgh, Scotland

It’s crazy to think that this little being has been in my life for six years now. She’s a whirlwind of excitement and energy. Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the day to day of things. Taking time out, just me and my mini me (and the dog of course!) really brings it home to me what a character she is becoming.

4O6A5959 copy.jpg

She enriches my life, inspires me and above all else, makes me smile! All this she does without even knowing. Yesterday we went to our favourite beach for a ‘Mummy-Daughter Day’. We searched for unicorns hide-outs, chatted about horses, rock formations, sea-shells, more horses, chocolate and sprouts! A whole bunch of crazy talk and imagination that has no limits or boundaries.

4O6A5986 copy.jpg
4O6A6075 copy.jpg

Wearing her token hat, running wild and bare-footed in the freezing cold with no care in the world. Exploring every nook and cranny, leaping from rock to rock…with Winston close behind. Like the free spirit that she is, it’s bliss and to be encouraged!! This crazy little cookie that I call my little girl is everything to me and more….long may the crazy chat and free-spirit continue, for it’s what feeds the imagination and grows our children into interesting, confident and inspiring adults!

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