Summer Sunshine and Wedding Vows | Wedding Photography, Cringletie House, Scottish Borders, Scotland

The wedding season is well and truly underway and me and my trusty cameras are in full swing! I love this time of year - especially when I get to meet wonderful couples, such as Jim and Carrie. I was lucky enough to cover their special day last week at Cringletie House Hotel.

jim carrie 1.jpg

All weddings are unique and special but there is definitely something more intimate about smaller gatherings and I really do feel that the photography becomes more personal.

Jim and Carrie’s big day was filled with tradition and modern twists. An interfaith ceremony, followed by a very colourful family hand fasting (a first for me) finished off with drinking from the quaich. Not to forget the rings being delivered by an owl!

jim carrie 2.jpg

The ceremony was enjoyed by all - and there were quite a few teary moments shared. Jim and Carrie’s family were all involved in the celebrations, whether it was a special reading from the heart, joint hand-fasting or the lighting of candles. Every single person had their special part to play - including Carrie’s four beautiful bridesmaids, who were the couple’s granddaughters!

jim carrie 3.jpg

After the ceremony, and during a brief break in the rain, we headed outside to make the most of the gorgeous gardens surrounding Cringletie House which are bursting into colour with summer blooms.

jim carrie 6.jpg

We had lots of fun and giggles on our walk around the gardens - stopping here and there to create some beautiful photographs that Jim and Carrie will treasure. The happy couple even managed to get a few stolen moments to themselves before heading back inside for the party!

jim carrie 4.jpg
jim carrie 5.jpg

Congratulations again Jim and Carrie! Your day was absolutely gorgeous and I’m so pleased you chose me to capture it for you. Your gallery of pictures from your special day awaits!