A little bit about me

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I have worked as a qualified, professional photographer for over two decades.  I was 14 when my dad handed me my first camera and ignited a passion for photography which would accompany me around the world.

At first I'd spend hours photographing steam trains on a preserved railway near my home. 

Later as a photojournalist working for some of the UK’s biggest newspapers, I’d have a grandstand view of history  in the making.

There'd be celebrities to photograph... sporting heroes to capture... foreign places to visit...

Now life’s changed. I’m a proud mum of two based in the Scottish Borders. 

I’ve not lost that powerful urge to take the perfect image, the tender portrait that tells a life story, the 'moment in time' photograph to cherish for years to come.

Life is full of precious memories. 

And capturing them to keep forever, will always be my passion.



I’m a mum. I know the love you feel for your children: that overwhelming first cuddle, the way that tiny newborn bundle fits perfectly in the crook of your neck, 

the first tooth and the toddler giggles.

There’s so much happening in those early years. So many changes as they grow.

Blink and you’ll miss those fleeting moments – a special glance between siblings,  the first birthday cake, the wobbly first steps.

You know your children best, so we work hand in hand, whether that’s in your own surroundings, a place you love or my homely purpose built studio.

For children with energy to burn, I love to venture outdoors, where Mother Nature combines with the delights of motherhood

to provide a natural backdrop to pictures you’ll adore forever.

My years of professional experience working at a fast pace and with top technology at  my fingertips means I can capture those perfect moments before little ones’ energy fades.

Creating pictures today that will make you smile for years to come. 



It’s the biggest day of your lives, when everyone’s eyes are on you.

That was me recently - I was a bride too. 

So I know how it passes by in a blur.

That’s why capturing it all, to reflect on time and again, is so important.

The romance, the laughs, the stolen glances and the solemn moments. The soft colours of the flowers, a tiny detail on a dress…

I also know you need space to enjoy your day. It’s your wedding, after all.

I love to come up with fresh ideas to make your wedding photographs unique and special to you both.

My years of working as a photographer and editor for major newspapers means I know what makes a show-stopping, eye catching, once in a lifetime shot.

It's your big day. Together we'll make it even more memorable.



Breaking into the world of photojournalism is tough. 

You need an eye for a front page picture, the ability to produce great results quickly every time, under the greatest pressure.

Above all, you need the ability to connect with the people in front of the camera and on the sidelines. 

For more than 20 years I worked with some of the UK’s biggest newspapers. My pictures 

have appeared in the Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday, the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian and the New York Times. 

I’ve photographed royal visits and terror incidents, everything from the funeral of the Queen Mother to London Fashion Week. 

In Malawi, I witnessed the remarkable work of Water Aid and saw the harsh reality of life for the world’s most vulnerable children. Amid poverty and despair, we still managed to smile together for images that are among the ones I cherish most. 

Now based in the Scottish Borders, I’m ideally placed to meet clients’ needs across Scotland and the north of England.

Whether it’s a PR shot for your business, a marketing brochure, a fast turnaround for a busy picture desk, I can help.

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