Big Brother is Watching Out for You...

Anyone with an older sibling will know what I mean I say there is no other love like it. There are times when you fall out, fight like cat and dog, blame each other for something that the other did - the list goes on. But there are equal amounts of sticking up for each other, protecting one another and having each others back when it matters the most. I'm almost certain these two little guys will be no different. But it's impossible to hide how proud and protective this big brother was during the shoot and being able to capturing this makes my heart melt. Truly proud of his little brother in every single way, this is one big brother that will be a force to be reckoned with!

Jo - Lewis newborn - collage.jpg

Winner, Winner!

I couldn't resist a sneak peak of the recent photo shoot for the recent lucky Facebook competition winner and her lovely family. Despite the terrible weather, the autumn colours managed to stick around long enough to get some great family portraits.

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Shona autumn- winner collage.jpg

As Snug as a Bug an a Rug

Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I could be wrapped up as snug as this little guy was during his recent visit to the studio. Who wouldn't?! So comfy and cosy - fast asleep without a care in the world with their best pal by their side. He even had a special little outfit crocheted by his Aunty to top off his cuddly slumber photo shoot. Cuteness personified.

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The Hounds of Love are Calling...

What a beautiful wedding - one which I could photograph again and again! 

Neil and Holly had the most romantic and unique wedding day.  Set at The Hermitage in Dunkeld, their beloved four-legged friends, Bomber and Inky, had the honour of fulfilling some very important roles, namely Escort, Ring Bearer and Hound of Honour.  The ceremony was wonderful, full of personal touches, loving glances, giggles and smiles. 

 Neil and Holly chose the perfect outdoor woodland setting for their wedding.  With such stunning backdrops and wonderful people (and doggies) to photograph it was hard not to get some cracking shots of their big day.

Congratulations again Neil and Holly - your special day was amazing!


neil and holly collage USE.jpg

Daddy's Girl

I love capturing that special bond between a Daddy and his little girl. What made this session even more special was the fact that the little girl has been to the studio before for her own portrait session and is somewhat of a Vanilla Moon Photography celebrity! One of her pictures from her last shoot was awarded a Bronze Award by the Guild of Photographers. A true natural in front of the camera - and so amazing to see how grown up she is becoming!

Jo- dad session.jpg
Jo copy.jpg

Love, Laughter and Leaves 🍁

I cannot believe how much fun it was to photograph Duncan and Sarah's wedding at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. To say everyone thoroughly enjoyed it would be an understatement - in fact, I don't think there was a picture I took on the day that didn't catch them laughing. Such a lovely couple with so much energy that my own face ached by the end of the day from smiling so much! Coupled with a stunning Autumn back drop from all the exotic plants, it was one of my all time favourite days behind the lens. If laughter is the key to happiness, I'd say Duncan and Sarah will have it in abundance for the rest of their married lives. Congratulations again guys, its been great to have captured so many happy moments in your lives.

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sarah and duncan collage.jpg

You're Hitched! 🚓

Congratulations to Jill and Steven who got married at the Dalmahoy Hotel and Country Club in Edinburgh two weeks ago. A great day with some lovely people and even the blustery conditions helped create a few unscripted and brilliant shots. Here is a collage of some of my favourites from the day.

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jill steven collage_edited-1.jpg

Why Just A Cake-Smash?!

Why not something different?! It is a first Birthday after all - so why let loose with some favourite food? 

harri-22 copy_edited-1.jpg

This little man LOVES his spaghetti! Can't you tell? What fun he had! If you would like a Birthday photo-shoot with a difference, why not drop me an email?

harri-40 copy_edited-2.jpg

Of course, we always begin with some portraits before things get messy!

harri-8 copy_edited-1.jpg

🐶 Man's Best Friend

I loved this shoot! Mum, Dad and two gorgeous boys with their four-legged friend. A lot of photographers say 'never work with children and animals...'   'Why not?' I say! Not all good pictures are staged, they are a moment in time. Who cares if a dog won't sit still for a shot. We don't sit still through our lives, so why should a picture? It's about capturing precious moment that lasts a lifetime.

   Here is a selection of my favourite images from this great shoot - we had such good fun. The best part was when all three of the boys raced each other along the track - brilliant!

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caroline-family and dog.jpg

🍂 "Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness, Close Bosom-Friend of the Maturing Sun..." 🍁

As much as I love Summer, I can't deny that Autumn comes a close second favourite time of year for capturing those timeless images. The colour changes of the leaves make the perfect backdrop for any photo shoot. And what better location than in the Scottish Borders? So why not give away a FREE portrait shoot? Oh yes! Head on over to the Vanilla Moon Photography Facebook Page and follow the instructions on the post. Good luck!

autumn photo.jpg

🎄 Christmas Mini Portraits and Community Fundraising 🎁

It somehow doesn't feel right talking about Christmas so early in the year, but if one thing about being a parent has taught me, time flies in the blink of an eye! The Festive Season might still be another three months away, but we all know the John Lewis advert will be dropping onto a TV screen near you before you know it. That's why I recently had a meeting with the new head of the Rosetta ELCC Nursery in Peebles to discuss my annual Mini Portrait Sessions. I'm delighted to say, that for the third year in a row I will be hosting the Mini Portrait Sessions at the nursery! Perfectly located for anyone in the Peebles area, its a great opportunity get some great family and children's portraits in time for Christmas. Like previous years I will donating 50% of the sitting fee to the nursery as fundraising which has raised over £1000 for the nursery over the last three years. This year's dates are 4th and 5th of November and are already filling quick - get in touch if you want to book a slot.

mini sessions ad_edited-2.jpg

Don't worry if these dates don't suit, as this year I'm really pleased to say that I will also be working with the Eddleston Out of School Club and Tweedbank Early Learners. There will be five dates for the mini sessions this year, spread out across the three venues;

You can book your slot by emailing 

☺️ Smile and the Whole World Smiles With You! 🎶

I was so excited to see Tom back at the studio on Saturday - his little smile is infectious! Unfortunately for me he had a touch of the holiday blues and wasn't much up for smiling though! Nothing that a few (very loud) renditions of his favourite nursery rhyme couldn't put right! I can still hear myself, his mum and his Aunty belting it out at the top of our lungs! What a hilarious shoot - and, more importantly, what a brilliant smile Tom has to match those of his cousins! A truly happy little family group!

tom-26_edited-2 copy.jpg

🌎Welcome to the world baby Innes! 🎉

It was only three weeks ago that Claire visited the studio for her maternity shoot, along with her little boy who was keen to make sure Mum and his brother/sister were in good hands. 

claire-maternity copy.jpg

Just 14 days later, a gorgeous little baby brother arrived into the world and he returned to the studio for their new born photo shoot. 

claire newborn-33_edited-1 copy_edited-1.jpg

What a gorgeous little button and a great wee shoot! 

365 Days of Summer!

Who doesn't love a good birthday celebration - especially when it is someone's very FIRST birthday!

Take a look at how cute this shoot was! Little Summer was a treasure to photograph, enjoying every prop and present that she got her hands on! Mum had done the most amazing job with all the finishing touches for some perfect outfits - including the best tu-tu I think I have ever seen!

If you would like to capture your wee one's first birthday - or any other special occasion - please get in touch! info@vanillamoonphotography,com

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The Sixtieth Birthday Surprise 🎂 🎉

It's not everyday that you turn sixty or have such unexpected guests to your party. The recent Birthday celebrations I covered were particularly special, as the surprise-surprise siblings had traveled from all over the UK - and one in particular had flown all the way from Australia to be with her sister for her big day. The look of surprise on Jan's face was definitely worth the 10,500 mile trip. Happy Birthday Jan!

If you have a celebration or big event coming up and would like to capture the moment forever, get in touch -

School Dayz 🚸

I'm sure it was only just yesterday that I held her in my arms for the first time?! Looking down into those questioning baby blue eyes, I knew that from that day on I would always be there for my beautiful little angel. It sounds like a cliché - but under these circumstances, it's allowed.  Where have the last four and 3/4 years gone?  Full of learning, exploring, craziness, happiness, tears, joy, not to mention mess...and now, she's about to hit one of the biggest milestone of all. She's starting Primary School.  

For me it is the realisation that she is actually growing up that I am finding hard to grasp. Little Miss Independent - perhaps a little too independent sometimes - but she is still my baby.  She is stepping out into the world for the first time and I wont be there with her.  She will be, for a few hours a day, someone else's responsibility - someone else will be there to answer her never-ending questions, show her right from wrong and help set her on a path that will pave the way to a bright future.  All these things that fill my day and make this whole crazy parenting experience so worth while.  

I can remember my first day at school.  I remember being so excited and meeting my first best friend, Kristy Parkes (we're still mates over thirty years later!) We went off to play in the sand together, leaving our mums all teary eyed at the door. I expect much the same will happen in two weeks time.

When I was at school, my Dad once said to me - 'these are the best days of your life, enjoy them'. Actually, I only slightly agree with him.  School days were great, but the best days of my life started the moment I became a parent.  A whole new responsibility that hit me so hard and I was expected to know how to deal with it.  But deal with it I did, because of that primal instinct to love, nurture and care for the little life that we created.  I want to fill each day with wonder and I yearn for my children to question everything, try new things and for that shining star of a personality to burst out and show its true colours.

Each day I help fill with new challenges to embrace - and that will never change, but it's time to let go a little...just a little and let her start exploring by herself.  This is just a new challenge; the next step, the next chapter. 

So, go out in to the world, little Emilia! Enjoy it, learn, play, make new friends and above all have fun - and, if you're anything like I was, be a bit rebellious too!

If your little ones are starting school this August and you want to capture those first precious moments as they head off into the big world of education, get in touch to take advantage of my special discounted portrait session at just £35. Sessions start during first week of school.    Email or purchase directly from the shop! 

A new Paige in Angela's book of life 🎁

It's always great getting things for free but it's an even better feeling to be the one who gives. Lucky Angela was the most recent Facebook model call winner and got the opportunity to have a free newborn shoot with her beautiful little baby girl, Paige.

What a gorgeous little bundle she was to photograph! Congratulations to mum and dad on their beautiful new arrival ❤

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Summer Time in Bloom 🌼

Summer is by far my favorite time of year. The gorgeous array of flora and fauna, the dreamy sunny meadows and the beautiful rolling green hills that surround the photo studio are the perfect backdrop for a summer outdoor photo shoot. When lovely mum-to-be Iona got in touch and asked me to do a maternity shoot for her, my heart lifted! Knowing the endless shoot locations the Scottish Borders has to offer at this time of year, I couldn't wait to get snapping.

It is always good to get Dad and the big brother involved the shoot too. The pride on their faces is plain to see and was a delight to capture.

isla maternity-31 copy.jpg

I cant wait to meet their little arrival (very soon) as I'm lucky enough to be doing a newborn shoot for the family when they make their grand entrance into the world.

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